Super-fast, modern networks & advanced internet connectivity solutions are changing the way businesses operate

Traditional business internet connectivity has been overtaken by modern solutions, which can manage increased demand and functionality with ease. DMC Technologies provides modern connectivity solutions for a wide range of businesses.


Rather than sharing a line with other businesses, a leased line provides a company with its very own, high-speed internet connection, typically delivered on fibre optic cabling, known as Fibre Ethernet.

The benefits of having a dedicated fibre connection are clear – your speeds are guaranteed, reliability is boosted, the solution is fully managed, and daily fluctuations in demand are no longer an issue.

You’ll have a Service Level Agreement too, guaranteeing a certain level of assistance, opening doors for the most cutting-edge communications systems to be rolled out into your workplace.

Fibre to
the Cabinet

With distance from the local exchange dictating the speed available on copper cables, FTTC is a great solution for fast and reliable internet speeds.

It employs both super-fast fibre and traditional copper cables – fibre from the exchange to a cabinet outside your building (hence ‘to the cabinet’), and a copper cable from the cabinet into the building.

Delivering excellent speeds at affordable prices, FTTC makes sound commercial sense for many businesses, allowing them to have access to intelligent modern systems such as VoIP and cloud communications, for less.

Not only that, but FTTC line speeds are typically much more consistent than traditional ASDL lines, delivering peace of mind and the ability to scale up operations without difficulty.

Ethernet in
the First Mile

Where budget is limited, or there is no access to a local cabinet with a fibre connection, EFM is a solid choice.

More reliable and resilient than a standard connection, it uses multiple bonded copper pairs of cables to connect to the local exchange.

EFM delivers fast, symmetrical internet speeds – identical upload and download speeds.

As noted previously, your distance from the exchange will ultimately dictate the speeds available via EFM.

Our Approach

With over 150 years of combined experience, our expert team will listen carefully to your needs and work with you to design and implement an efficient, integrated bespoke solution.


We assess your entire IT infrastructure, identifying opportunities for strategic cost reduction.


We work with you to design a ‘best-fit’ hardware and software solution.


Mitigating risks and minimising disruptions, we smooth the ‘digital-first’ transition.


Our support packages offer complete peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business whilst we take care of your technology.


As your company changes over time, so can your telecom needs. Our future-proof solutions ensure your technology can scale along with your business.

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