The Value of VoIP – 2. Increased Mobility

Continuing our The Value of VoIP series, in this post we’ll discuss the increased mobility such a cloud based communication tool will bring.

Thanks to cloud communications, employees are no longer tied to the office. Hot desking, home working, on-the-road communications and the availability of freelancers all mean the office is now truly mobile. Providing staff with access to the same tools wherever they are located delivers much greater efficiencies.

Furthermore, with today’s workforce being increasingly composed of digital natives, who expect smarter ways of connecting with their workplaces, the best talent will most likely be retained in organisations that embrace innovative digital tools, such as Hosted VoIP systems.

Linked to this is the ability for your workforce to collaborate more intelligently and more efficiently. Traditional phone systems make conferencing, editing and collaboration opportunities much more difficult and cumbersome. Typically a system administrator will be required to either set up these facilities or deliver continued in depth training to users. Hosted VoIP negates this issue, delivering simple, flexible and effective collaboration tools via easy to use web interfaces, for all workers to come together and collaborate freely.

Infrastructure and hardware considerations are also key. Traditional phone systems require businesses to spend a considerable amount on initial capital expenditure to set up phone lines in their buildings. Should new office space be needed after this, or even a relatively short move to new floor space, the infrastructure then has to be upped and moved to a new location, costing a considerable amount of money and time. This also applies to disasters that can force a business to relocate, briefly or even permanently.

Having the ability to shift resources and telephone lines to another location in just a few clicks is an incredibly valuable feature of a VoIP solution. Being cloud based, a VoIP system can be easily transferred to new locations swiftly. You’ll experience no down-time typically associated with relocating traditional phone systems. Take your handsets, move to a new location, plug your handsets and devices back in, and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

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