The Value of VoIP – 3. Improved Customer Service

Continuing our The Value of VoIP series, in this post we’ll discuss the improvements in customer service a VoIP solution can deliver.


Resolve outages in minutes, not days:
Should your business be subject to an unforeseen disaster, it can simply shift all calls to another site or range of devices. No longer will outages have disastrous consequences, forcing extended downtime onto your business and hampering customer contact and care. Resolve outages in minutes rather than days with a Hosted VoIP solution and embrace the flexibility of taking calls from anywhere, whatever the circumstances.

Punch above your weight:
Being able to compete with competitors, no matter what size, is another significant benefit of a Hosted VoIP system. Traditional phone systems can be complex and many of the premier features are typically only available to larger enterprises, with much simpler systems being within reach of smaller organisations. A Hosted VoIP solution’s features are available to all, allowing smaller businesses to compete more easily with larger competitors and provide great customer service levels regardless of size and budget.

Local numbers for a local feel:
Rather than being dictated to by the local telephone exchange, a Hosted VoIP system allows you to choose which numbers your users can have displayed when they’re making calls, creating more of a local feel for your customers. Choose from multiple numbers depending on the region you’re communicating with. Similarly, local numbers can be easily set up for customers to call into, regardless of the location of your office.

Around the clock customer care:
Nowadays customers expect smart digital systems and ever more flexible ways of contacting businesses. This on demand environment is well-suited to the more mobile and highly flexible VoIP system, where staff members can access your telephone systems from anywhere, rather than being tied to a single office space. A much higher quality of service can therefore be offered to your customers, with more staff members able to deal with pressing matters efficiently.

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