The Value of VoIP – 4. Cost Benefits

In our final post in The Value of VoIP series, we’ll cover the cost improvements a VoIP solution can deliver.


Historically, in order to incorporate a new phone system into a workplace, a sizeable initial outlay to cover the infrastructure and handsets was required – including computer servers, manual control boards, multiple telephone lines and the usual handset equipment.

Hosted VoIP systems have a much lower capital expenditure requirement, as well as simple set up procedures. All that’s required is an effective internet connection. No complicated hardware needs to be installed, as everything is managed in the cloud.

A traditional phone system involves fluctuating costs, depending on how many calls are made, as well as where the calls are made to – nationally or internationally. A Hosted VoIP system uses the internet to make calls, meaning the majority of your calls are free or included in monthly bundles, regardless of who and where the calls are made to. Costs are predictable and easy to manage.

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